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Automate Email Response

About the demo

Send an email to Joe, a fictional shoe vendor, who will respond to your email queries auto-magically,all within a matter of few seconds. Read below to understand how it works.

About Shoes For You

Shoes For you is a shop owned by Joe, a hardworking guy who goes out of the way to satisfy his customers' hunger. Joe has a virtual email sales assistant named Robo (powered by Roboresponse) who helps him to handle his customer email inquiries, 24X7.
What Joe sells?
Joe sells Kids shoes and has only Nike and Adidas shoes of size ranging from 3 to 5.
Have any questions for Joe?
You can ask for shoes for your kids from the brands available for size ranging from 3 to 5.
Anything more ...?
Of course, you can ask for the pricing, availability, discount, return policies or any other question you may have, to satisfy yourself before you initiate a purchase.
How can you reach Joe?
You can send your email inquiry to Joe at Send an email now, you will get a response, if it's a genuine query, almost immediately.

How is this helpful to Joe?

Joe has subscribed to our services and has forwarded his email id to the Roboresponse email forwarding address. Any email that you send to Joe, is actually handled by Robo. Joe taught Robo by setting up the typical responses to each incoming email from Joe's potential customers. Eventually Joe is able to handle nearly 80% of email queries which he receives, without his involvement. This helps him to channelize more of his occupied time to expand his business. He is now free to focus on getting into the business of shoes for everyone in your family.

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How Robo can help your business?

Just like Joe, Robo can be your virtual email sales assistant too.This can increase your sales by handling nearly 80% of the email inquiries in a jiffy. You may have different products(just like Joe who has Nike,Adidas shoe brands) and its variants(size 3 to size 5).Robo is designed to construct dynamic and unique responses to your potential customer inquiries. Most importantly, Robo can tirelessly work for you 24X7 with the same level of enthusiasm, to convert your leads to customers.