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Robo responds to incoming emails without human intervention.It scans the incoming emails,identifies the intent of email including queries related to your products and services and responds automatically.


View all incoming emails and its automated responses as threads ordered by email subjects with latest conversation displayed on top.


Robo is designed to learn about your product or service offerings.Once taught, it never forgets and over a period of time it can respond to more than 80% of your sales related email enquiries automatically.


An email enquiry may have more than one intent which needs a response. Responses for each intent can be taught to Robo and these responses may optionally have file attachments.


Add keywords and its equivalent names which are specific to your product or service to empower Robo to uniquely identify it within email queries.


Run a typical email query in sandbox to check response from Robo. Tweak the query and response using the Teachme button in sandbox to ensure Robo is completely ready to handle the next email query from your customers.

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Add Intelligence to Email response

Roboresponse(Robo) is an AI powered automated email response system.It scans forwarded incoming emails, analyse contents of the email and constructs and sends a response to that email , all in a matter of few seconds without human assistance.

Robo needs to be taught initially about your products and service offerings,something which can be achieved through the interface we provide.Once done, Robo is there at your service 24X7 to respond to every single genuine customer emails you receive, so that your customer enquiries are handled even when your team is not around to respond. Timely response to your customer enquiries ensures you don't loose them in your absence.

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What are my payment options for Roboresponse?

When you sign up for a paid account through Roboresponse, you will be required to pay for the service once you reach the payment due date. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.We do not accept payments via PayPal.

Do I need to sign up with my credit card?

Not required at all! We don't ask for any payment information up-front. Register yourself,create an email account,verify your email account and you'll be on your way to explore everything Roboresponse has to offer!

Do I Get A Free Trial Period?

Yes! certainly, everyone who signs up to a Roboresponse account will receive a free 15 days trial period to ensure you are comfortable with what we have to offer, before you pay.


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24X7 Sales representative.

Robo is never tired of doing its job,and can respond all your customer email enquiries 24X7 with the same freshness and enthusiasm.

Timely Response.

Robo helps you to respond to customer queries in record time, a feat that can only be achieved by machines.

Free your sales team for more productive work.

Robo engages the customer initially so that the sales representatives can step in, just when its a done deal.

Engages with every single email lead.

Robo engages with every single lead, so that no email enquiries are lost due to non availability of sales team for a timely response.

Fast track your sales process.

Responding to email enquiries is a critical part of sales process.Robo can help you expedite this process for faster deal closures.

Experienced sales team member.

Robo continues to learn from your customer email conversations over a period of time and acts as an experienced member of your sales team by accumulating this knowledge.

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