How Robo Works

1) Introduction to Roboresponse Email Autoresponder.

Roboresponse is an Artificial Intelligence(AI) powered SaaS based email auto response system which scans incoming emails and sends a unique and customized email response based on the contents of the incoming email, all without any human intervention. The product is designed to assist the sales team of any product or services company and is capable of engaging leads in an email discussion 24X7 with the same level of enthusiasm..

2) Account setup and forwarding your emails.

An email account needs to be created by the user which is used for generating automatic response. Any incoming email which has an email id in its "To" or "CC" section which matches with this email account will be handled by Robo and a response will be sent back to the sender and CC'd to the original recipients of the email.

3) Teach Robo your products and services.

Robo needs to be taught about your products and service.This can be achieved by setting a response for each intent-keyword combination under the "Settings" page. Each incoming email has an Intent which indicates the sender's purpose and sometimes a Keyword which indicates the products or service for the requested intent. A sentence or file attachments as response need to be set for each intent-keyword combination, which is how Robo learns and prepares itself for the next such query.