Your Sales Email

Virtual Assistant

Running out of bandwidth to respond to sales emails?

Robo, your sales email virtual assistant can convert your email leads automatically. It scans incoming emails, sends customized and unique replies in a jiffy without human assistance.

Robo is an extension of your sales team

Robo can work tirelessly 24X7, with the same level of enthusiasm.

Your 24X7 sales rep
Robo is never tired of doing its job,and can respond all your customer email enquiries 24X7 with the same freshness and enthusiasm.
Respond before your competition does
Robo helps you to respond to customer queries in record time, a feat that can only be achieved by machines.
Free up sales bandwidth
Robo engages the customer initially so that the sales reps can step in,just when it's a done deal.
Experienced team member
Robo continues to learn from your customer email conversations over a period of time and acts as an experienced member of your sales team by accumulating this knowledge.

Power packed with the following features

Make Robo understand about your products or services, test responses before going live,take control of conversation. It's much more intelligent than your out of office email reply or a vacation email autoresponder.

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Train Robo about your products and service through each email received.

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Simulate email enquiries in sandbox to check response from Robo before going live.

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Set Keywords and Responses

Let Robo know about your products and services through Keywords and Responses settings.

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Delayed Response

Need to pretend like a human, delay the response to email by few minutes.

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Threaded Inbox

View all incoming emails and its automated responses as threads ordered by email subjects with latest conversation displayed on top.

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Pause Email

Pause email responses for a specific thread to manually take control of the discussion.

See for yourself how this email bot works
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Pricing & Plans

Try Roboresponse free for 15 days. No credit card required. US $200 One time setup fee waived. Limited period offer.









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